About us

Hey Folks, Welcome to SikheHindiMe.com

This page will tell you about us. So first of all, let’s talk about why you should know about us? So the simple answer to this is, if you are learning something from a person and he does not keep information about it himself but instead collects information from here and there and provides half the incomplete information to you.

In such a situation, it is more likely that you may get wrong information. So before taking information on a subject, you should have knowledge about that person or website and about its qualification. So let me tell you about myself now.

My name is Vishal Patel, I am the Founder, Editor, and Author of this website. I am a live-in Mehsana, Gujarat. I have completed my Graduation Diploma Automobile in Mehsana itself.

I had an interest in the Internet and Technology since childhood, so when I heard about Blogging, I thought why not spread my knowledge to people. Actually my decision to blogging in the Hindi language came from this because I myself was educated in a Hindi medium school.

During my studies, when I used to look for information on the Internet, only English content was seen more. After which I decided to start this blog in Hindi. This is done, let me tell you about the information being shared on this blog/website. If you find something informative for yourself, then you can join us.

Note: This website is not a government website. Neither belongs to the official website in any way. This website is completely private and has been created for the purpose of providing information only.

What are the Provieds Topics on SikheHindiMe?

  • All Information About the Bhulekh & Bhunaksha
  • All information about All State and District wise Bhunaksha & Bhulekh.
  • Some important Online Land Record, Khasra, Khautani  that can be useful in your daily life.
  • 7/12 Utara

So, friends, this is the topic on which we share Articles in this blog. If you want information related to these, then stay connected with us. We will continuously give you useful information in your future time.

In the end, if you find any deficiency or lack of information on a post, then you can comment and give us information about it. We will try our best to fix it. If you want information on some subject, then you can feel free to send us a request.

For any such suggestion or assistance, send mail to us on the Contact Us page. You can also join us in social networks.